Design of the career and management of the enterprising talent.

State Plan on Excellence, with Reference EDU2013-45704-P

Career design and management of entrepreneurship talent Project, financed by the Spanish Ministry for the Economy and Competitiveness, 2013-2016. Project execution is dated 2014-2017.


The current situation of the labour market requires citizens to change their ways of thinking about the chances of employment as well as to choose alternative options to the traditionally considere dones.

Job instability and the pernicious situation for many companies and professionals from different sectors, requires a positive response that connects to the development of a competitive productive system in the Spanish context. This one includes a sociopersonal empowerment necessary to exit/avoid/go out of the crisis.

Since the high rates of unemployment affect all levels of qualifications, ages and sectors, entrepreneurship is an option for many people, especially for people who are difficult to get employed but with skills in a professional field: long-term unemployed people and affected by different risk factors and vulnerability in the labor market (based on age, gender, disability, cultural background, etc..) and even more in the case of people motivated with an idea of self-employment.

Basically, we insist on the idea that it is not good enoughto promote entrepreneurship and self-employment through tax incentives or incentives for hiring or other similar initiatives (improving labor intermediation, business , etc.) but alsoto integrate in parallel an educational approach based on training actions that allow entrepreneurs and people in transition to entrepreneurship to build their projects through strong career and personal paths.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to design a motivational and a training/formative/educational strategy for self-employment based on/about the management/develop of the entrepreneurial career.

The proyect distinguishes two phases aimed to the delimitation of these training needs and motivational factors in the empowerment: the first one with extensive character, based on the collecting quantitative data about the subject. It will be carried out through a survey, analysis of social indicators, market studies and semi-structured interviews to business managers.

The second phase consist on a focused approach with a qualitative perspective about the trajectories of consolidated and in transition entrepreneurs. This stage allows to complete our understanding of the motivational factors related to the management of their own career.

The aim of the third and final phase of the study is to design, implement and monitor an intervention proposal about an experimental model for career development and the management of the entrepreneurial talent.

The design of this intervention, based on the results of the previous study, its implementation and its monitoring are the main tasks. Among the factors that guide the design of the intervention, the motivational aspects associated with the idea of entrepreneurship will be the key.

To sum up, the aim of this proyect is to contribute to a strategic objective to the current socio-economic situation in the country: job creation. For that, it is important not to forget the perspective of the people involved, whose professional experiences and careers are used as examples and as motivation for self-empreneurs that needs training to carry out actions and manage their own career.

Key words: Carreer development, entrepeneurs, competences for self-employment, professional development, professional and personal project, motivation for self-employment, entreperneuship, talent management.

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